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Because nobody pronounces it right: (Ais-lin = Ash-lin; "Ashlin") haha.

Welcome to the Bloodbath... This is an "Ethan Must Die-like" short horror game.

This game is HARD and you will die and restart A LOT. So take your time and listen. It's completely do-able however, we made sure of that!
Playtime should be around 45 minutes - 1 hour (If you're lucky)

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorOwl Nest Studios
GenreSurvival, Shooter
Tags3D, Horror


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Muy bueno el juego me saco unos gritos de macho xd aqui el GAMEPLAY EN ESPAÑO

Finally got to finish up the second trial. Oh boy this was a bit difficult...

Congrats on finishing No Gun!

Loved getting another peek into this world you guys are building! I just hope this isn't a level in the middle of the full game or I'll never see the parts after it :D

Thanks so much for playing! This actually is a level from the full game, but the full released version will not be as difficult.


Hardcore COMPLETE. It was truly one HELL of a ride. Stay focused, and you might not spend 10 hours trying to beat it... Watch ONLY if you want SPOILERS.


Pro Gamer Moves ONLY

Thanks so much for playing!


Bloodbath Trails

Custom Thumbnail
APRIL 2020

Check out the video

Made by Jaboblu

Awesome art! Can't wait to see the video!


4 minutes and 20 seconds


i tried hardcore mode...


Really enjoyed this, thanks for making it! :) I'm pretty awful at it hah but I really respect what you did!


Thanks so much for playing! So glad you enjoyed!

thanks for making it, wish you all the best :)

First trial is conquered. Was incredible honestly. Challenging enough to where I didn't blow through it but not overly difficult to the point I was gonna rage quit. Can't wait to get together the next trial!


Definitely a challenge, even for the normal mode! I liked the design of the monsters with it's twitchy movement, very well done. Voice acting fit well, after a couple of tries I got the hang of it. This is my attempt at the normal mode. Great game, looking forward to the main game, Aislin's Story.

Hi, so currently right now, I am working towards beating hardcore mode, I have two videos I will be releasing some point over this coming week and the following where I actually beat the first two trials over 5 hours. But I didnt't wanna wait to tell you guys that you guys did a fantastic job creating a solid and intriguing concept for a horror game. I feel so many elements that were just blended so well together for this while adding a bit of your own flair to it and I gotta say you guys are amazing and well earned the spot in my list for one of the most difficult games I have ever played in my life. I am excited to see the full Aislins story when it comes out if it has this setting of sorts for it. I hope that your development is going well. and I hope you guys have a great day.

Hey thanks so much for playing our game! We're so happy you enjoyed your experience and thanks so much for your kind words, from the bottom of our hearts we truly appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing your videos on the game, we'll all watch them! We can't wait to let you play the full release! This game was about 6 months in development and we put blood, sweat and tears into it. Again, thank you so much for playing, and we really appreciate you taking the time to give us so much support!


i kinda raged quit just kinda. nonetheless it was a fun game :D 

Thanks so much for playing our game! We hope you enjoyed it!


I did it...


Congratulations on your victory! You're certainly earned it.


I appreciate that!


Gave it a go...


hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti


AHHHHHH!!! I try my best I was getting heated LOL. Hope you enjoyed the video

Thanks so much for playing our game! We're glad you enjoyed your time spent! Looking forward to seeing you finish it, if you ever give it another go!


Hummm.... SirWinny Challenges You To Pass All 3 Level Of Hell AND Free Your Soul From The Bloodbath Baby!... It’s time to prove yourself worthy people.... Muahaha... Good Luck 🏝




Thanks so much for playing are game! We're glad you enjoyed! and congrats on finishing the Normal mode!



Eyy! Thanks so much for playing man! hope you enjoyed your misery while it lasted haha!


I can't wait for the full release! This trial is different and fun to play

Thanks so much for playing our game! We're so glad you enjoyed! Stay tuned for more content coming very soon!


This was really well done! I managed to finish it on my third try, I even did an on the run walkthrough!

I don't know if it was a glitch or not but the first time i played i got no ammo or health...

(2 edits) (+1)

Just finished your video and left some comments. That actually was not a bug, you forgot to pickup the ammo in the beginning of the first run, you can the see of bullets sitting on the table as you walked away and questioned the 1 bullet lol. But anywho, thanks so much for playing! Really enjoyed your video, and watching you strategize your plan of approach! Congrats on beating it, and we're so glad you enjoyed your time. Consider updating to the newest version and giving it another go, tons of new stuff, and those who finish all 3 modes in the finished version get their name in the game.


Brutal game, nice job.

Thanks so much for playing! We hope you enjoyed your time in The Bloodbath Trials. We left a comment on your video!


First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath Trial (No Gun) All Trails Completed First For All... Great Experience Indeed! 


Congratulations on finishing all 3 modes! We're so glad you enjoyed the game, and we're really looking forward to a playthrough of the full release at launch!


First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath Trial (Hardcore) Impossible To Complete Indeed!  

Deleted 3 years ago

Congrats on finishing the Hardcore Bloodbath Trial! Really enjoyed the video!


Alright, so here's Normal Mode for now ;O

Please Fix Headshot Registration😊

It's not broken, It's just a little harder now, with a bit of randomness to it lol

Deleted 3 years ago

Also Crowbar Spawns in Hardcore 😊

With Love ❤️ 

There is one spawn in particular where I still could not find the crowbar and I looked for hours because I didn’t want to die and start over... 😊 

What was the original post here? And yes, the Crowbar spawns are different in Hardcore Mode. Some are pretty close to their original spawns, while others are a little further away.

The No Gun mode is broken, when I spawn I fall through the floor at the beginning. Normal and hardcore seem fine - I beat Normal and will be uploading that and taking care of the other difficulties when I have the time ;O Fun game though!

Hey, thanks so much for playing. We actually JUST pushed a build fixing the No Gun Mode, if you wanna give it a redownload. Looking forward to your video!

Deleted post

Hey, thanks so much for playing the game! We're glad you enjoyed it. What do you mean by? "I have had shadow problems and when you point out it fails a lot, but for a year that I did not enjoy so much" If there are issues, let us know for sure.


I played this game for 50 MINUTES!

I now give you 5 back.  It was hilariously difficult.


Thanks so much for playing! Really enjoyed your video on it. Watching your confidence get skewered after the first couple deaths is really the whole point of the game haha. Hope to see you beat it soon! You had some good attempts in there, and you weren't too far off from the end!


The game is fun and definitely tough and I demand a bullet refund. Besides that, it's a nice teaser for the full game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks for playing! Hopefully you try the updated game, and see if you can beat it. I've watched you beat Resident Evil's in the past, you got this!


i love the steatlh in this game im surely going to play this more often and i love how u need to kill them each in 1 bullet 

thanks for making thisss

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed! There will be a major update soon, adding new modes and mechanics and fixing some issues! Keep an eye out!


We tried rushing through with force and ended up dying multiple times :p Nice job on the death animations, they were fun to watch, hah.

Hey, thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, you didn't complete the Trial and your blood will be added to the bath. But we encourage you to keep trying! Check back very soon for a MAJOR update. We hope you'll like it!

Show post...

good shoot

Glad you enjoyed and thanks so much for playing!



Playtime 11 Mins. Awesome experience :) Rated 5/5

Thanks so much for playing, damn son, you conquered the shit out of this, you learned the game pretty well, i'd say. Congrats on the win. Be on the look out for an update with an in-game board showing all creators who completed it!

Those who finish the make in less time must be on the top of the list :)

Haha, we're just posting more of a list of the first 5 or so people who finished the game. no particular order. But check back soon, as we have an update planned which is sure to.... Test your endurance...

Sure don't count me out.

Update is LIVE!


Brutally hard but really enjoyable once you get the hang of it. Well done, and looking forward to the full game!

Thanks so much for playing and congrats on the win! So glad you stuck it out and finished it. Was really entertaining watching the trial and errors, but once you got it, You got it!


First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath and Let Me Tell You It Was Difficult Indeed! Great Job Owl Nest Studios 

Video Is Still Processing... Will be available soon @Owl Nest Studios

Thanks so much for playing our side game to the series! It was a lot of fun watching all the emotions you experienced while playing and watching you learn and understand the game as you progressed. you never game up! And that's more than some can say! The Bloodbath trials is no stranger to you. You stuck it out, and made it your bitch. Good shit!