AS: The Bloodbath Trials LAUNCH!

SO! We officially just launched Aislin's Story: The bloodbath Trials. This takes place within Aislin's story, but a different "Mode" per-say. This is an "Ethan Must Die-like" mode taking place in the Morgue level of our upcoming big title "Aislin's Story" and is a fun, but hard survival horror experience where, Strategy and reflexes are key! Download it for FREE now! Be sure to let us know if you beat it! Let the bloodbath... BEGIN!


Aislin's Story Blood Bath 863 MB
Mar 30, 2020

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First #1 To Complete The Bloodbath Trials and Let Me Tell You It Was Difficult Indeed! Great Job Owl Nest Studios 

Perfect Challenge Indeed : )

Once Again Great Job @Owl Nest Studios and I can't wait for the final release!