Update on the game!

For starters, Thank you for being so patient with us. For many, this is the game that introduced you to us and is the game that you're waiting for. We've been hard at work making new and exciting games for you to play and enjoy, but now we're getting back to the good stuff. We took some time to build side projects, Not only to produce content, but also to improve on our development skills. Well, it's been long enough, and we're finally ready to start working on Aislin's Story once again! The game is being completely rebuilt from the ground up, with TONS of new and old stuff! Old stuff getting new polish and redesigns and the new stuff further adding to the game in general! We took a lot of feedback from The Bloodbath Trials, And while most of you very much enjoyed the game, you also had a lot to say about it. We admit, TBBT was a little messy around the edges and buggy at times, but we're confident that coming back now, we can right those wrongs and bring a brand new experience to the table with this remake, that should address all the concerns of the previous versions! A whole new Nightmare awaits you in the NEW Demo of Aislin's Story. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves, so there is no official demo release date just yet, but, Just expect it soon! We will keep everyone interested as up to date as possible as we progress. For more up to date info more frequently, Follow us on twitter @HorrorInTheNest

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